Animal Choir

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Animal Choir

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Our last album. Limited to 200 CDs and 300 2x12" vinyl.
Vinyl will be available closer to release day from Dunk! Records

This is our last album. It took us over two years to make, a lot longer than we expected. We put our all into it, and we hope that you enjoy the results.
releases May 31, 2019

Produced by
Jamie Ward and Her Name is Calla

Recorded by
Jamie Ward at Seamus Wong Studios

Additional recording at home

Mixed by
Jamie Ward (1,2,5,6,8,12,13)
Tom Morris (3,7,11,14,15)
Adam Weikert (4,9,10)

String arrangements by Adam Weikert

Audio sample in Deer Trapping taken from the adventures of Lightfoot the deer by Thornton W. Burgess


[i don’t want to be a stranger in a strange land anymore.
see you in the next life]

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